10 Cheap and Warm USA Winter Destinations

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Are There Budget-Friendly Winter Destinations in the USA?

Destinations like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Southern California tend to have peak tourist season in the winter. For one, these states are sweltering in the summertime. For another, they offer respite for northerners seeking an escape from the bitter cold of winter.

Where Is the Warmest Place in the Winter in the US?

Key West and Miami are two of the warmest cities in the United States during the winter months. They both have an annual average between 76-78 degrees. The mild year-round climate and humid summers lead to higher average yearly temperatures than places like Death Valley, which will have extreme cold and heat during the year.

Cheap and Warm Winter Destinations USA

South Padre Island, Texas About: With a population of only about 2,000, South Padre Island relies heavily on tourists. The 34 miles of beaches lure vacationers, and the more than 300 days of sunshine make South Padre Island one of the best places to visit in the winter.

Cheap and Warm Winter Destinations USA

Savannah, Georgia About: Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia. Today it’s the fifth largest city with over 147,000 residents. Snowbirds love Savannah because of its unique culture and heritage, from its cobblestone streets to its historic buildings.

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