A woman sits by a campfire with her headphones on listening to a podcast.

The RV Entrepreneur Podcast Is Back, But Is It Still Good?

For several years podcasts seemed to disappear. However, they’ve since returned and are more popular now than ever. Whether you want something to listen to on your commute to work, during a long travel day, or while working out, subscribing to a handful of podcasts can ensure you always have fresh content.

One of our favorite podcasts, The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, went off the air in July 2021 but is back to making weekly episodes. So now that the RV Entrepreneur Podcast is back, is it any good? Let’s look and see!

A woman sits by a campfire with her headphones on listening to a podcast.

What Is the RV Entrepreneur Podcast?

RVing, podcasting, and remote work are at record-breaking popularity levels. The RV Entrepreneur Podcast combines the three categories into a helpful and informative piece of entertainment and resource. Those who want to pursue their passion for downsizing, creating remote income, or working from anywhere in the world may enjoy this series.

This weekly podcast also has a blog and newsletter and hosts the RV Entrepreneur Summit. It’s a community of nomadic entrepreneurs that help each other get the most out of life.

How Did the RV Entrepreneur Podcast Get Started?

Episode 1 of The RV Entrepreneur Podcast aired on February 13, 2016. The show’s creators sought a way to connect with other individuals passionate about entrepreneurship and enjoy the freedoms that RV life can provide.

The brand hopes to help others find “A place to belong. To make friends. And to walk away equipped to run a thriving business on the road.” 

See how Heath and Alyssa used to create the RV Entrepreneur Podcast.

The podcast has provided a path for the hosts to offer more than just a podcast. The RV Entrepreneur Summit is a four-day event where attendees can listen to inspiring talks from fellow entrepreneurs, learn practical skills in workshops, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Who Owns the RV Entrepreneur Podcast?

Heath and Alyssa Padget were the creators of the RV Entrepreneur Podcast. They built the brand into an incredible community of listeners and followers.

However, in April 2022, the RV Entrepreneur Podcast announced in episode 247 that Heath and Alyssa were selling the brand to RV Life. Once the transaction is complete, RV Life will take over the podcast and the RV Entrepreneur Summit.

Who Is the New Host of the RV Entrepreneur Podcast?

The Padgets shut down the RV Entrepreneur Podcast in July 2021. However, in February, the podcast returned, and Heath announced Joshua Sheehan would take over the host position.

Joshua is a full-time online content creator on various social media platforms, including the YouTube channel Gander Flight

A man records a podcast at his RV dinette with computer and microphone.

Joshua, his wife, Kolie, and their twin boys hit the road in November 2021 after Kolie finished a 20-year career in the United States Air Force. The couple now travels the country, exposing their kids to new cultures while searching for a place to call home. 

Are the New Episodes as Good as the Original Podcast?

With any kind of change, there’ll be some adjustment. Luckily, the transition from the original to the new podcast has been smooth. Joshua does a fantastic job of continuing as the host and keeping the podcast feeling the same.

Despite the change in ownership and a new host, the podcast continues to be a fantastic resource for listeners. If you enjoyed listening to the podcast previously, we recommend checking it out again.

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What Is the Format of the RV Entrepreneur Podcast?

The format for RV Entrepreneur Podcast is mostly interviews with RVers. They also have experts in areas helpful to the RV and entrepreneurial communities. They’ve continued to make some fantastic episodes lately that we think you should check out. 

A group of diverse adults record a podcast together outside at a picnic table.

Should Influencers and Content Creators Be Accounting for Free Products and Services From Brand Deals? With Penny Rose CPA From Fefifofum Services | RVE 256

In this episode, Joshua chats with Penny Rose, a forensic CPA with 20 years of experience. Rose provides some solid advice for content creators regarding taxes and how her services can be beneficial.

She answers some important questions influencers and content creators should ask to protect themselves and their finances.

How Any Industry Can Be Modified for Life on the Road With Master Bourbon Distiller Marianne Eaves | RVE 255

Joshua talks with Master Bourbon Distiller Marianne Eaves. Eaves is a great example for others of taking two things that you love and blending them into a career.

Marianne is passionate about science and art and uses both of these passions when creating her bourbon. She can work from the road and enjoy full-time RVing with her family.

How Entrepreneurs Take Minor Nuisances and Create Eloquent Solutions With Duran Anderson, Inventor of the RV Bug Stop | RVE 254

In this episode of RV Entrepreneur, Joshua speaks with life-long RVer Duran Anderson. Anderson shares his remarkable story about RVing playing a major role throughout his life.

He also discusses his 1970s invention that helped keep bugs from getting in through screen doors. Duran’s story is fun and will inspire you to continue your adventures. 

Where Can You Listen to the RV Entrepreneur Podcast?

You can find the RV Entrepreneur Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Overcast, and other podcast sites. Many of these services have apps you can download onto your phone for offline listening, or you can visit their websites on your computer.

A couple sits outside of a cabin on a blanket with their laptop and notebooks, dreaming up ideas.

With so many listening options, you can find it easy to tune in and learn. 

Is the RV Entrepreneur Podcast Worth Following?

If you’re a content creator, RVer, or are passionate about being an entrepreneur, the RV Entrepreneur Podcast is worth listening to and joining the community.

Hearing from and interacting with like-minded individuals can inspire you to continue on your adventures and make the most out of the lifestyle.

You never know what you might hear or find that could change how you live. Have you listened to the RV Entrepreneur Podcast before? Give it a listen.

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