Who Is Matt’s RV Reviews?

Who Is Matt’s RV Reviews? 

If you’ve wandered over to YouTube in your search for more information about a specific make and model of RV, you’ve likely stumbled upon Matt’s RV Reviews. YouTube is a great place to get information in an entertaining way. Let’s see how Matt is threading the needle between entertainment and information.

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The Backstory of Matt’s RV Reviews

Matt from Matt’s RV Reviews currently works as a brand ambassador for General RV. He’s widely known among the RV community for his RV-related content on YouTube and social media. Many people may not realize that he splits his content among two channels. His original channel now features only drivable RVs and his second channel focuses on the world of towable RVs. 

How Long Has Matt Had His Youtube Channel? 

Matt uploaded his first video to YouTube on March 15, 2016. This first video is a simple introduction to his new channel. He details his goals for the channel and what he hopes to feature in his content.

He’s since grown his channel to more than 139,000 subscribers. His most viewed video covers a Salem Grand Villa and has more than one million views. 

Matt started his second YouTube channel, Matt’s RV Reviews Towables, in February 2020. While this channel does have a smaller following of around 32,000 subscribers, it’s continuing to grow in popularity as viewers from the original Matt’s RV Reviews channel discover it. 

What Kinds of Videos Does Matt’s RV Reviews Make? 

The videos on Matt’s RV Reviews primarily focus on featuring various makes and models of RVs. Matt showcases both drivable and towable RVs, showing you all of the ins and outs of the RV. He does a complete walk-around of each RV model, showing each feature and what owners should expect. After completing the outside, he heads inside to give viewers a look at the interior. He goes over the most used appliances and gives a great visual of the floorplan. 

One of the things that people love about Matt is his honesty. He does a great job singing the praises of things manufacturers get right but doesn’t shy away from criticizing areas they could improve. It’s refreshing to hear someone in the RV industry give real feedback and not just focus on the good. 

In addition to making walk-through videos, he periodically provides updates regarding the RV industry and offers a few tips and tricks here and there. Matt also features a few popular YouTubers who have purchased their new RVs from him. 

What Is Matt’s RV Reviews VIP Service?

For two days, July 3 and 4, 2021, Matt offered a unique VIP service. For $99, Matt would call or Facetime with those who would like to chat. He offered up his undivided attention to discuss all things RV and YouTube. He helped people set up a plan for accomplishing their goals. These goals could include anything from buying or selling an RV to even establishing their own YouTube channel.  

Getting an inside look at a large variety of RVs without having to step on several lots saves you time and sanity. Matt’s RV Reviews allow you to narrow down your search so you can walk onto an RV lot knowing a bit more about your needs and wants. Has Matt featured your RV make and model on this YouTube channel?

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