Would You Camp At A Hospital?

Would You Camp At A Hospital?

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Can You Park Overnight at a Hospital?

It’s common to find the large parking lots at hospitals empty during the overnight hours. If you can maneuver your rig into the parking lot, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to stay the night. However, you must look for any signs warning against the prohibition of overnight parking. Whether or not you can park overnight at a hospital is typically case-by-case.

Is It Safe to Sleep in a Parking Garage?

Sleeping in a parking garage can be equally, if not more, safe than sleeping anywhere else. Many hospital parking garages have hired security that patrols the area 24/7. It’s also common for parking garages to have plenty of lighting and even security cameras. These typically ward off anyone up to no good.

What Alternative Places Could You Camp Overnight?

-Business parking lots -Friend or relatives driveway -Campground -Rest stop -Truck stop

Is Camping at a Hospital a Good Idea?

If you’re in a pinch and looking for a place to camp, a hospital can be a great option. However, you want to do all you can to minimize drawing attention to yourself. Don’t create a scene or situation that would cause the hospital or law enforcement to ask you to leave.

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