Will $10 a Gallon Actually Happen?

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Why Are Gas Prices Going Up?

Gas prices increase when the demand increases, typically in the summer months. This is when schools are out and families are taking vacations. This is nothing new, and it happens every year.

Why Do Gas Prices Vary in Different States?

If you travel from state to state and it seems like gas prices vary quite a bit, it’s because they do. Some states are closer to refineries, meaning fuel stations can purchase fuel at a lower price. They don’t have to pay to haul the fuel hundreds of thousands of miles to the fuel stations.

Will $10 a Gallon Actually Happen?

There’s a high probability that gas in some places of the country will reach $10 per gallon. In some remote sections of California near Death Valley, prices in early June 2022 were hovering around $9 per gallon. The area’s remote location leaves travelers little option other than to pay the exorbitant amount of money per gallon.

How Can I Conserve Gas?

With every fill-up costing more and more, you likely want to make each tank last as long as possible. Finding ways to conserve gas will be essential to get the best bang for your buck. One of the best ways to conserve gas is to eliminate unnecessary trips. Instead of running to the store for every single item when you need them, create a list and grab several items in one trip.

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