Where Can Nomads Safely Park Overnight?

Where Can Nomads Safely Park Overnight?

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What Is a Nomad?

A nomad is a person who embraces a traveling lifestyle. This usually means traveling based on the weather and even for employment. People who adopt the lifestyle often don’t have a home base and may spend their time wandering. The nomadic lifestyle has gained popularity in the past few years as remote learning and working have become more widely adopted. Many people pack up their things, sell their homes, and hit the road to travel full-time.

Where Can You Camp for Free in the US?

A typical budget-friendly campsite will cost you $20 to $30 per night, but it’s not hard to find some $100+ per night. Camping can be expensive, but luckily there are plenty of options for camping for free in the US. However, you may need to camp outside of an established campground. Some places where you can camp for free in the United States are parking lots, public lands, or with someone you know. You’ll likely need to sacrifice some amenities, but most nomads find the benefits far outweigh any negative aspects of the lifestyle.

Where Can Nomads Safely Park Overnight?

-Business Parking Lots -Rest Stops -Truck Stops -Side of the Road -Family and Friends’ Driveway -BLM Land

How Do You Find Boondocking Locations?

Most nomads use smartphone apps like Campendium and iOverlander to find boondocking locations. Both of these apps have massive databases of information that are helpful to the nomadic community. You can find many free camping sites and other resources like dump stations, potable water, and so much more. They’re two powerful resources that can save you a generous amount of money while living like a nomad.

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