What New Full-Time RVers Really Think of RV Life

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What Is a Full-Time RVer?

A full-time RVer is someone who travels in an RV all year. Some full-time RVers still have a sticks-and-bricks house they return to for holidays or a few weeks, while other RVers sell everything to travel the country. Full-time RVers aren’t on a vacation or camping trip. It’s their life, so they work from the road, do school from the road, do laundry on the road, and everything else in daily life.

What Is It Really Like to Live in an RV Full Time?

Different full-time RVers will tell you varying opinions of life in an RV. Some have luxurious half-million-dollar Class A motorhomes and stay in resort-like campgrounds, with amenities from yoga classes and on-property restaurants to RV detailing. Others prefer to boondock, so they’ve spent money to outfit their rig with solar panels and upgraded lithium batteries. They rarely stay in campgrounds and travel to remote areas. These are two very distinct experiences of full-time RV living.

What New RV Owners Should Know

However, living the full-time RV life isn’t all sunsets and s’mores. Life can be challenging, expensive, and inconvenient at times. People choose this lifestyle willing to deal with what obstacles come up. Regular RV maintenance is critical and becomes part of daily life. Having teenagers who don’t like their tiny bunks and want more privacy is a constant battle. Plans quickly change when severe weather rolls in.

How Hard Is Full-Time RV Living?

Full-time RVing can be lonely for kids and adults. It’s challenging to maintain friendships and make new ones when constantly traveling. However, it’s possible with effort.  Full-time RVing can also be expensive. When things break and need repairs, it can cost thousands of dollars. It’s not just the cost that’s hard to swallow.

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