What Happened at Powder River in Wyoming?

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About Powder River

The Powder River is a tributary of the Yellowstone River. It flows through northeastern Wyoming and southeastern Montana. It drains into Powder River Country, an area of the Great Plains between the Bighorn Mountains and the Black Hills. The river joins the Little Powder River near Broadus, Mont., and Yellowstone River outside Miles City, Mont.

Why Is It Called Powder River?

Historians suppose it took its name from the dark gunpowder-colored soil and sand along its banks. It may have been inadvertently named by Vierres Roubidoux, a French guide.

Why Did the Powder River War Happen?

The Powder River Expedition is also known as the Powder River War. It was led by William Connor to protect the development and growth of the U.S. in western territories. Many incidents involving Native Americans and white pioneers occurred along the trail because it ran through Native American territory.

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