Top Rated Snorkeling Tours in Key West

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Where Is Key West?

Situated at the southernmost end of US Route 1, the Island of Key West is about 165 driving miles from Miami, Florida. It’s also about 90 miles north of Cuba.

What Is So Special About Key West?

The tropical climate is another main draw. It’s like you’ve traveled to the Caribbean without leaving the country. The island life, warm weather, and water recreation bring millions of visitors to Key West each year.

Is Key West Good for Snorkeling?

The Florida Keys form a coral cay archipelago off the southern coast of Florida, which means the Keys are sandy, low-elevated islands sitting on a coral reef.

Can You Snorkel in Key West Without a Tour?

You can snorkel in Key West without a tour, but there aren’t a lot of beach locations where the snorkeling opportunities lead to the marine life encounters most snorkelers want to experience.

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