The Real Reason Skoolies Aren’t Allowed in RV Parks

The Real Reason Skoolies Aren’t Allowed in RV Parks

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What Is a Skoolie?

A Skoolie is a school bus converted into a home on wheels. The interior can have a living space, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. Skoolies often have holding tanks, plumbing, and electrical hookups, just like RVs. They come in various sizes and floor plans and are customized by the owner or a professional.

Safety Concerns

Some RV park owners are concerned that Skoolies aren’t safe. Since non-professionals or do-it-yourselfers may have built the Skoolie, RV park owners get nervous that the bus’s construction might not be up to code. They worry about an increased risk of a fire or electrical issues when a Skoolie hooks into their amenities.

Concerns over Image

RV park owners want to present a positive image in the community and to customers. However, they fear looking like a mobile home park if there’s a bunch of Skoolies around. Mobile home parks often bear negative connotations. Right or wrong, RVers, in general, don’t like camping next to mobile homes. They want to stay next to other RVers who are enjoying a similar lifestyle.

The 10-Year Rule

A growing number of RV parks have a 10-year rule. You can only stay at the RV park if your camping unit is 10-years-old or newer. This eliminates a lot of Skoolies and RVs manufactured in the 80s, 90s, or early 2000s.

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