The Most Un-Scenic Camping Destinations in America

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Why Is Camping Popular in America?

With the invention of social media, it may seem that camping is an up-and-coming hobby. The reality is that camping has been a popular activity for a long time. Camping is in demand worldwide, but there is no denying that it’s exceptionally trendy in America. With the fast-paced life that many Americans accustom themselves to, the need to get away from it all feels like paradise to many.

What makes a Camping Destination Un-Scenic?

We all know of spectacular camping spots that overlook snow-capped mountains, jagged coastlines, rolling hills, and steep cliffsides. These destinations stand out on Instagram and are frequently the backdrop to photos shared with family, friends, and the world. While these are the images we generally see on social media, it isn’t the only place people camp. There are many camping spots that some consider un-scenic.

The Most Un-Scenic Camping Destinations in America

- Las Vegas, Nev. - Elkhart, Ind. - Bakersfield, Calif. - Birmingham, Ala. - Orlando, Fla. - Des Moines, Iowa - Champaign, Ill.

What Is the Most Popular Camping Destination in America?

It’s no wonder that none of the places on the un-scenic list are in-demand camping destinations. So what is the most popular camping destination? There are many, but one of the most famous camping destinations surrounds Acadia National Park in Maine. It’s not hard to imagine why campers love this destination. The mountain views are beautiful and rustic, and glamping-style sites are available.

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