The 7 Best Motels on Route 66

The 7 Best Motels on Route 66

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Where Does Route 66 Begin and End?

Depending on where you’d like to begin this trek, Illinois or California could be the starting location. But since the U.S. opened up with pioneers traveling from the east to new, unexplored lands in the west, we will consider Chicago as the starting point for Route 66. A sign documents this hallowed spot at 78 E. Adams Street, just a few blocks from the lake. Of course, if you choose to drive the route from California to Illinois, a sign stating you’ve reached the end of Route 66 is just a block south of the “Begin” sign.

The Hype Behind Route 66

The Route was first plotted in 1926 when the Bureau of Public Roads introduced a federal highway system of existing roads to create direct access across the country. Almost immediately, the communities along Highway 66 saw the benefit of marketing this connection between Chicago, St. Louis, and Los Angeles. They created the U.S. 66 Highway Association. Its advertising efforts brought new income from travelers to rural communities along the path.

Enjoy a Stay on Route 66

Traveling today’s Route 66 is almost as much fun as it was 70 years ago. Although some of the original sites, attractions, and buildings are gone, there are hundreds of eye-catching things to enjoy on this truly American roadway. Plan a trip down The Mother Road soon, and stay at an authentic motel to comprehend a time when travel by car was more about the journey than the end destination. Have you ever stayed in a motel on Route 66?

The 7 Best Motels on Route 66

-Wagon Wheel Motel -The Roadrunner Lodge Motel -The Campbell Hotel -Historic Route 66 Motel -Wigwam Motel -The Motel Safari -The Big Texan Motel

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