Skeleton Coast: What’s the Story Behind This Ship Graveyard?

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Who Is Sailing Yacht Florence?

An adventurous British couple is among those throwing caution to the wind and visiting the Skeleton Coast. Sailing Yacht Florence is the online identity of Matt and Amy from England. Many people dream of sailing around the world, but these two put their aspirations into action — rather quickly, in fact.

Where Is the Skeleton Coast?

This nearly thousand-mile coastline, remote and largely barren, forms the western boundary of Namibia on the Atlantic Ocean in southern Africa. The republic, named for the vast Namib Desert, is home to more than 2.5 million people. It is bordered on the north by Angola and Zambia and by Botswana on the east.

Why Is It Called the Skeleton Coast?

The grim, perhaps even ghastly, name may conjure images of a mass graveyard on the Atlantic shore. There’s some truth in that, but it may not be as gruesome as you think. The name refers to bones left behind from whaling harvests as well as the remains of countless shipwrecks.

When Did Sailing Yacht Florence Sail the Skeleton Coast?

For Sailing Yacht Florence, the Skeleton Coast was a recent leg of their worldly adventure. Matt and Amy touched down there during the second week of August, thankfully with their beloved vessel still in one piece. They knew about the potential dangers beforehand, of course. “The Skeleton Coast has a fearsome reputation as a ship graveyard,” they wrote on their blog. “Shipwrecks and skeletons litter the coast here.”

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