RV Life Is Hard, But It’s Cheaper Than Renting If You’re Stationary

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Is It Legal to Live in an RV?

There are many places where it is legal for an individual to live in an RV. However, particular areas have restrictions regarding what constitutes a dwelling. Some local ordinances prohibit using any RV for full-time living. You’ll want to talk to your local code enforcement or country ordinance department where you plan to live.

Can You Live Year-Round in an RV?

Living year-round in an RV is possible, especially for RVs with a four-season rating. These RVs typically have increased insulation and an enclosed underbelly, making the interior climate easier to control. However, it can still take some effort to stay comfortable.

Is RV Life Always Cheaper Than Renting?

Many people jump into RV life thinking it will always be cheaper. However, depending on your lifestyle, you can quickly pay more than renting. Many make the mistake of buying a very expensive RV, a brand new truck to tow it, and expect to stay in luxury RV parks every night. If that’s the case, you’ll spend thousands of dollars every month to enjoy the RV life.

How You Can Save Money Living Stationary in an RV

- Create Your Own RV Campsite - Be Picky About Long-Term Campgrounds - Invest in Insulating Your Rig - Consider Work Camping - Grow Your DIY Abilities

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