Pro Golfer Jordan Spieth Joining the RV Life?

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Jordan Spieth is an elite professional golfer who debuted on the PGA Tour at age 16. At 20, he won his first PGA Tour event, and a year later, Spieth won the Masters and the US Open.

Who Is Jordan Spieth?

As of the beginning of 2023, Jordan Spieth ranked 15th in the world. He also started 2022 ranked 15th and moved to 8th until he ended the year as 14th best golfer in the world. He spent 26 weeks as the #1 golfer during 2015-2016.

Where Does Jordan Spieth Rank in the PGA?

Jordan explains, “The reason was kind of to have home on the road. Got the same mattress I have at home, and we’ll leave a lot of Sammy’s stuff on the bus, therefore won’t have to pack a whole lot and can ride on it a lot in between events given the way the west coast swing – and especially the Florida swing. Should make traveling and getting settled and packing up quite a bit easier.”

Why Did Jordan Spieth Buy an RV?

Professional golfers spend a lot of time traveling between tournaments. They can feel cramped in hotel rooms and limited in where they can go due to the event location. Rather than spending dozens of nights a year in a hotel room, they can travel the country with a home on wheels. They can sleep in their own beds, pack all the clothes and food they want, and enjoy time with their families in comfort and luxury.

What Makes an RV Beneficial for Pro Golfers?

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