Make Money on the Road By Harvesting Beets

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What Is the Sugar Beet Harvest?

Every fall, people harvest sugar beets across 45 receiving stations in two main areas of the Midwest: the Red River Valley and Sidney, Montana. Workers harvest over ten million tons of beets within a month.

Who Are the Sugar Beet Growers?

The American Crystal Sugar Company factories are in Crookston, East Grand Forks, and Moorhead, Minnesota. They have more factories in Drayton and Hillsboro, North Dakota, and Sidney, Montana. The Sidney Sugars factory is also in Sidney, Montana. In 2002, American Crystal Sugar Company bought the Holly Sugar factory from Imperial Sugar Company and named it Sidney Sugars Incorporated. Sidney Sugars operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Crystal Sugar Company.

Jobs at the Sugar Beet Harvest

There are a few different jobs you can apply for at the Sugar Beet Harvest. Some require no previous knowledge or skill set, while others require some machine operation experience. - Helper and Sample Taker - Piler Operator - Skid Steer Operator

What Is It Like Working at the Sugar Beet Harvest?

The Sugar Beet Harvest isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s challenging work and long hours. You’re on your feet for 12 hours each day until the harvest is complete. There are no days off. Sometimes you’ll encounter winter weather conditions, so having the proper attire is very important. You probably won’t have time to do laundry, so you’ll need clothes to last you for two or three weeks.

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