Let’s Be Honest,  RVs Are Ugly

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What Makes RVs Ugly?

Let’s vent a little, shall we? After all, unless you love swirly tribal designs and that brown/beige interior decor that was all the rage in the early 2000s, you probably have an urge to remodel every RV you see. This brings us to our number one complaint regarding RVs (and why they’re so unsightly). They haven’t changed in decades. Once upon a time, people considered off-white boxy vehicles with swooshy stickers pleasant on the eyes. People grinned when they walked into a fully-carpeted camper with that abstract 90s pattern that matched the couch with the valances.

Why Do RVs Have the Same Outdated Designs?

Let’s look at it from a marketing perspective: familiarity sells. As ugly as that familiarity is, consumers tend to spend money on a brand that makes them feel comfortable. For many, that dark-wood interior with plastic moldings screams, “I’m a safe purchase! You won’t regret me!” Furthermore, until recently, retirees were the most influential group of RV owners; without generalizing too much, one could argue that they aren’t always concerned with the latest RV trends.

Can You Find Modern RV Designs?

Luckily, some manufacturers have heard the ever-growing call for prettier rigs, and some are starting to deliver. Thus, it’s slowly becoming less challenging to find RVs that aren’t hideous. Some RV companies are doing away with the tribal-like decals altogether and embracing a more minimalistic exterior. You may see white walls and cabinetry when you walk in, and no abstract patterns! Yes, manufacturers seem to have gotten the hint after hundreds of thousands of RVers painted their rigs with lighter colors to make the inside feel brighter and less claustrophobic.

Can You Paint Your RV to Not Look So Ugly?

Speaking of painting, this can be one of the best ways to update your RV’s look. It’s possible to remove your RV’s decals and paint the exterior not to look so 90s. This alone will make the outside of your RV look much more modern and sleek, rather than being a big clunky box with cracking stickers all over it.

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