Is the Vanlife Craze Dying?

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What Is Vanlife?

Vanlife is an alternative lifestyle that many nomads embrace to travel the world. These nomads typically convert a cargo van (or purchase a professionally converted model) to meet all their needs during their adventures. Some of these adventurers are working as “digital nomads.” Traveling in a van makes it easier for them to navigate roads and fit into smaller spots that larger RVs and trailers can’t.

Is the Vanlife Craze Dying?

- US Van Sales Down - Disappointed Newbie Vanlifers - More Restrictions on Overnight Parking - More Trash and Campsite Destruction - Higher Fuel Prices

Why Did Vanlife Become So Popular in the First Place?

The van life became very popular due to the travel restrictions the country and world started seeing in 2020. Vans provided the perfect opportunity for adventurers to stay as safe as possible while traveling. Many of the vans used to travel have everything the nomad could need to live comfortably on their own. The travel restrictions happened right as van life was becoming a thing, making it appealing to many looking for alternative travel options during the pandemic.

What Are the Downsides to VanLife?

While van life can be an incredibly fantastic way to live life and make many memories, it’s not for everyone. Many jump into the lifestyle without considering the downsides. Managing power, water, and having to empty sewer tanks are all things that require an adjustment. You can’t simply run every appliance or use as much water as you like. Adjusting your usage of certain appliances or amenities takes time, but you may never adjust to living in a tiny space.

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