10 Historic Pubs in London

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How Many Pubs Are There in London?

Some estimate that 3,500 pubs lie within the city limits. While that may seem like quite a large number, it makes a little more sense when you learn that London is home to a little over 8.9 million people.

What’s the Oldest Pub in London?

Seven Stars in Carey Street is the oldest pub in London. Built in 1602, Seven Stars has maintained an antique atmosphere, with its most recent interior renovations dating back to the Victorian era. Original, exposed beams still help to support the roof.

10 Historic Pubs in London

1. The Seven Stars We briefly touched on the history of the Seven Stars already. It is the oldest pub in London and gives visitors a glimpse into the past through its authentic decorations and architecture.

Are Historic Pubs in London Worth Visiting?

The pubs we’ve listed above have a rich history and color. From establishments that started centuries ago to haunts frequented by celebrities old and new, it is clear that London’s historic pubs are worth seeing.

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