Is Las Vegas Safe at Night?

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About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a desert city in the state of Nevada in the southwestern United States. It’s the Silver State’s largest city with nearly 650,000 residents, anchoring a metro area home to the vast majority of the state’s population. It’s best known as a modern-day gambling, entertainment, and vacation destination. But it traces its roots back to a railroad that ran through the area in the early 20th century.

Why Is Las Vegas Famous?

There’s no doubt about it — Las Vegas is a party town. The city is world-famous for providing visitors with the ability to indulge in pretty much any way they could imagine. This includes luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, any kind of gambling you can imagine, and so much more.

Is Vegas Safe to Walk Around at Night?

For those who plan to stay on or near the famous Las Vegas Strip, there’s little need to worry about safety. While the Strip may seem chaotic, crowded, and loud, it’s actually a relatively controlled environment.

Is Vegas Safe off the Strip?

Like any big city, there are safe and not-so-safe parts of Las Vegas once you exit the Strip area. The primary non-Strip tourist area of downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street should be considered safe places to explore.

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