How to Lose Friends at the Campground

How to Lose Friends at the Campground

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1. Ignore Quiet Hours

There’s a reason why many campgrounds enforce quiet hours. Remember, many RVers are full-timers who live and work on the road. If you decide to blast music at midnight, you might be waking up a father who needs to work at 5 a.m. or a kid who has school the next day.

2. Let Pets Roam Free

Many campers bring their pets with them. But while most of us love furry friends, we don’t all love them in our campsites. This is a friendly reminder to keep your dogs, cats, and other pets contained on your own campsite.

3. Let Your Kids Roam Free

This is why it’s important to teach your kids about the appropriate places to play in a campground (many times, there will be a playground or another play area). Not only is it important for your fellow campers, but for your kids’ safety, too.

Trash the Place

This is a personal pet peeve, as almost every campground has a place to dispose of trash properly. Even if you’re boondocking with no way of throwing things away, it’s important to bring your waste with you until you can find an appropriate way to get rid of your garbage.  By cleaning up after yourself, you’re letting other RVers and the campground staff know that you value their experience and time.

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