How to Find the Secret Boondocking Spots

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What Is Boondocking?

Boondocking is a term campers use to refer to camping “off the grid.” Off-grid camping involves camping without access to hookups like water or electricity. Boondocking often happens on public lands. The National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, or the Bureau of Land Management usually manage these lands. When camping there, you’ll have no access to services or group facilities like bathrooms.

What Are the Best Places to Boondock?

Defining what makes the best boondocking spots varies depending on your personality and goal. There are many boondocking places, ranging from hard-to-get areas that require 4-wheel drive to sites barely off the road with ample room for anyone who wants to join. Some prefer solitude when boondocking. For those people, the best places to boondock are locations with scenic views, quiet, and not a person in sight. The best spot might be harder to reach.

What Is the Best State for Boondocking?

Some states are better for boondocking than others. Most eastern states have little to no boondocking spots. It should be no surprise that eastern states don’t top the list as ideal boondocking states. You’ll find great boondocking locations out west, as much of that portion of the country has an abundance of public lands. People often mention Utah when discussing their most incredible boondocking finds. Utah appears to have everything avid outdoor adventurers could need.

How Do You Find Boondocking Locations?

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