How to Combat the Dreaded ‘Cabin Fever’ of RV Life

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What Is Cabin Fever?

Cabin fever is a mental state that develops when someone lacks social interaction and is confined indoors. This is typical of individuals who are quarantining due to an illness or are stuck inside because of the weather.

Do RVers Get Cabin Fever?

Even in a large RV, you're likely looking at not much more than 300 square feet. Cramming several individuals and pets into this small space can be overwhelming. Cabin fever can start to set in if you experience consecutive days of less-than-ideal weather.

How to Combat the Dreaded Cabin Fever of RV Life

1. Create a Daily Routine One of the best ways to avoid cabin fever is to create a daily routine. Our bodies tend to thrive when we're in a routine, and going to bed and waking up at a specific time can be tremendously helpful. Sometimes all it takes is a minor glitch to throw off your routine.

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