How Long Does An RV Last?

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How Long Is the Lifespan Of An RV?

How long an RV will last on the road will depend on various factors, including the style, brand, type of usage, frequency of use, and how the owners have cared for it. Typically, RVs will last between 10 and 30 years, with most landing close to the middle of that range. In terms of mileage, this often corresponds to 100,000-300,000 miles. Of course, that’s a wide range, but most owners should expect their RV under average use to last at least a decade, if not significantly longer.

What Reduces the Life Of Your RV?

-Tire blowouts -Water damage -Roof wear -Electrical issues

How to Extend the Life Of Your RV

-Check your roof regularly -Complete seasonal maintenance -Cover your RV in the winter -Wash the exterior walls -Change your oil -Go camping

What Kind Of RV Lasts the Longest?

There’s no hard and fast rule about which RVs will last for the most amount of time on the road. As we mentioned, certain behaviors or situations can dramatically extend or shorten the lifespan of your rig. However, travel trailers or fifth wheels tend to last longer than motorhomes. This is since there’s no need to maintain an engine or other system, instead offloaded to a tow vehicle.

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