Dumb Mistakes That Could Ruin Your RV

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Are Dumb Mistakes Common When RVing?

Dumb mistakes are rather common when RVing. Every RVer has a story of a dumb mistake they've made during their adventures. Mistakes are opportunities to learn to be a better RVer! The key is not to make the same RVing mistake twice.

Can You Fix an RV Yourself?

RVs are notorious for having issues. RV service centers can take weeks or months to fix even the smallest issues. What you can fix if you have the right tools, patience, and access to YouTube might surprise you. However, be careful not to bite off more than you can chew.

Avoid These Mistakes and Keep Your RV Safe

Some of the most expensive mistakes RVers have made resulted from distractions. While mistakes are part of RVing, you can minimize them by paying attention to your actions. Take advice from experts with a grain of salt when it comes to finding the perfect RVer.

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