Dave Ramsey Comments on Full-Time RV Life 

Dave Ramsey Comments on Full-Time RV Life 

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What Ramsey Says About Full-Time RV Living

Ramsey’s opinion? A firm “no.” His first two reasons? “Four and six” — the ages of the man’s two children. Ramsey said an RV wouldn’t provide enough space for the family to live comfortably. He also pointed out that RVs depreciate, whereas homes gain value.

Does Full-Time RVing Make Financial Sense?

Full-time RVing can make financial sense. But living in an RV doesn’t automatically save you money or work as a long-term financial plan.

How Expensive Is Full-Time RVing?

Your RV itself and whether you have any monthly payments play a significant role in determining your expenses. Along the same line, all full-time RVers need to budget for fuel. However, the actual cost can vary greatly depending on your rig’s gas mileage and how frequently and far you travel.

Is Full-Time RVing Worth It to You?

“Worth” may be a subjective concept when it comes to something like living full-time in an RV.   While Ramsey believes the quality of life could be the biggest stumbling block for a young family, that’s just his personal preference.

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