Creative Ways to Travel if You're Broke

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Can I Travel If I Have No Money?

Unfortunately, if you have no money, it won’t be easy to travel. Even if you plan to earn money along the way, you’ll generally need some funds to get started. This could include money for a ticket or transportation, a few meals, and a temporary place to stay.

How Much Does It Cost to Travel?

Everyone has a different travel style, desired destination, and length of trip, so there’s no one firm answer on how much it costs to travel. However, you can ballpark the number based on a few general principles.

Cost for Accommodations

Accommodations will generally cost $10-50 per person nightly at low-cost hostels or campgrounds, $60-200 at many mid-range hotels and RV parks, and $200+ for luxury accommodations. The sky’s the limit.

Cost for Transportation

Transportation is also a significant but varied expense. Those traveling by plane typically spend the most, potentially hundreds of dollars per ticket. The cost is high even when choosing budget airlines with the best deals.

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