Can You Live in an Airplane?

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Can You Live in an Airplane?

Most aircraft aren't well-designed for home use, which will require some interior demolition and reorganization. Some communities have zoning laws or HOA rules about the types of homes to build or items to store on a property. This can also add time, cost, and hassle to the process.

How Did Bruce Campbell Find an Airplane to Live In?

Bruce Campbell, 72, lives in a converted airliner set up in the woods of a Portland, Ore., suburb. He was inspired by television footage of an airplane "boneyard" as a teenager. Decades later, he hired a salvage company to help him locate a plane.

How Much Did It Cost Bruce Campbell to Purchase the Airplane?

Bruce Campbell bought a Boeing 727-200 for about $100,000. The plane is notable as the last flight flown by Aristotle Onassis. Overall, he spent at least $235,000 on the plane and roughly $25,00 on the land.

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