Can a Sailboater Sleep Anywhere in Open Water?

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What Is Open Water?

Open water is a general term that refers to any area of an ocean, sea, or large lake that’s far from shore or any other islands or bodies. For example, a boat crossing the Atlantic Ocean would be in open water for the vast majority of the voyage. So would one in the middle of Lake Superior.

Is It Safe to Sleep on a Sailboat?

There’s nothing dangerous about sleeping on a sailboat in and of itself. Like an RV (or even a house, in some respects), it all depends on where your sailboat is.

Are Sailboats Hard to Sleep On?

Many sailboats are quite comfortable. Whether or not they’re hard to sleep on depends less on the boat and more on the conditions and location. When sailboats are nestled at the marina, sleeping on one might not be much different from sleeping on land.

Can a Sailboater Sleep Anywhere in Open Water?

Out on open water, there are few rules about where you can and can’t sleep. The most obvious “rules” are practical considerations. For example, one of the most critical parts of sleeping on open water is ensuring you avoid other ships while most of your crew is asleep.

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