Are YouTuber Families Exploiting Their Children?

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What Are Family YouTubers?

Family YouTubers are a niche segment of YouTube channels creating content that primarily documents the happenings in their family. The purpose is to provide some insight and perspective into their lives.

Do Child Labor Laws Apply to YouTubers?

While the government established child labor laws in 1938 to protect children who were entertainers, YouTube is a loophole for these laws. YouTubers aren’t actors, which exempts them from the many legal requirements of the professional entertainment industry.

Is Anything Being Done to Protect Children from Family YouTubers?

While many channels respect the privacy and desires of the children, there’s no denying that far too many put the all-mighty dollar before the best interest of their kids. Luckily, some states are taking action to crack down on for-profit family YouTube channels.

How Family YouTubers Can Protect Their Children

There are some things that family YouTubers can do to protect their children. YouTube even provides valuable resources to help parents and content creators protect their children.

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