Are Tourists Killing the Coral Reefs?

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What Are Coral Reefs?

Coral reefs are home to many plants and animals that live in the ocean. These plants and animals depend on coral reefs for survival. However, their homes are often under attack from uninformed tourists.

Why Are Coral Reefs Important?

Coral reefs are important because they provide a place for aquatic life to thrive. Without coral reefs, many of these plants and animals would be unable to survive.

What Is the Biggest Threat to Coral Reefs?

The greatest threats to coral reefs around the world involve humans. Rising seawater temperatures and ignorant tourists are destroying the susceptible coral reefs.

Are Tourists Killing the Coral Reefs?

Many areas with a heavy tourist population experience excessive amounts of damage to coral reefs living in their waters. Tourists often ignore local rules and regulations regarding responsibly recreating in ocean waters.

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