5 Things An RV Salesman Will Never Tell You

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How Can You Buy An RV Without Getting Ripped Off?

The best way to buy an RV is to ask for feedback from other RVers, do your research, and hire an RV inspector before purchasing.

What Should You Not Say to An RV Salesman?

Don’t ever tell a salesman that you’re new to the RV life. This is an immediate flag that signals you might be able to be taken advantage of by the dealership. Another way you can give a salesman ammunition is to say you’re not sure about what you want or what you need. This is why you do your research ahead of time. Instead, show the salesman your must-have list and tell him not to offer you anything that doesn’t meet the criteria. Otherwise, he’ll show you a stunning Newmar Class A motorhome when all you need is a Coleman Light travel trailer.

5 Things An RV Salesman Will Never Tell You

1. You Should Always Negotiate 2. You Should Get An Unaffiliated RV Inspection 3. There’s a Formula for When to Buy An RV for the Best Price 4. Varying Brands Use the Same Products 5. RVing Is Not for Everyone

How Much Can You Talk Down An RV?

If you don’t shop around to get the best quote, you’ll pay too much. Tell the salespeople you’re going to visit different dealerships to find the best price. This gives you some leverage when negotiating because they want you to purchase from their dealership and not the one down the road. Although negotiating varies from place to place, it’s generally a good idea to lower the final price of a new RV by 25-35%. If they’re only budging 10%, you’ll find a better deal elsewhere.

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