5 Hidden Gems in Bend, Oregon

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About Bend, Ore.

Bend, Ore., is located in the Pacific Northwest, with the Cascade Mountain Range acting as its protective neighbor. With just under 200,000 people in the Bend metro area, it’s one of Oregon’s largest metropolitan areas. And although Bend continues to grow, it still maintains its small-town vibe.

What Makes Bend, Ore., So Special?

Bend is a special place for several reasons. First, it’s in an absolutely beautiful part of the country. Surrounded by the Cascade Mountain Range and the Deschutes National Forest, along with the Deschutes River running through it, Bend is a nature lover’s paradise.

Is Bend, Oregon, Worth Visiting?

More people now know some of these hidden gems. You’ll be able to shop and experience the beauty of nature, get your first taste of craft beer, and stand on the brink of an active volcano.

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