10 Best Swamp Tours in Louisiana

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What Is a Swamp Tour?

A swamp tour is one of the best ways to experience the real wild side of Louisiana. We’re not talking about the debauchery associated with Mardi Gras or Bourbon Street, but about Louisiana’s natural landscapes.

What Time of Day Is Best for a Swamp Tour?

If you’re taking a tour in the summer, we’d recommend getting an early start for a few reasons. It’s cooler, first of all, because the temperatures haven’t had time to heat to the point that can be overbearing. Also, the visibility is better. The harsh midday sun can literally be blinding, and you won’t be able to enjoy the spectacular scenery as much.

How Much Does a Swamp Tour Cost in Louisiana?

Prices for the swamp tours vary, but you can generally count on paying $25 to $50 for each adult passenger. And that’s typically for a two-hour ride, but sometimes they are a bit shorter. There are usually discounts for children, and it’s often free for kids ages 2 years old and under.

10 Best Swamp Tours in Louisiana

1. Last Wilderness Swamp Tours About: Capt. Dean Wilson is also a commercial fisherman and hunter, so he knows these watery woods like the back of his hand. The two-hour tour explores parts of the Atchafalaya Basin, which he describes as “the largest forested wetlands in North America.”

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