10 Ancient Stone Circles in the UK That Aren't Stonehenge

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How Many Stone Circles Are There in the UK?

You might be surprised to learn how many there are! There’s a total of 1,000 distinct stone circles across Britain. Many believed that at one point, during the height of the stone circle’s cultural relevance, there were a little over 4,000 stone circles on the island.

Why Are There So Many Stone Circles in the UK?

As we mentioned above, the purpose and origin of the stone circles are not fully known. However, many believe these stone circles played an important role in rituals and practices related to the people’s beliefs at the time. Builders created most of these stone circles between 3300 and 900 BCE.

Where Are the Oldest Stone Circles in the UK?

The oldest stone circle in the UK is Castlerigg Stone Circle, located near Keswick, England. Though the exact age of this stone circle is unknown, it’s been an early site for pagan rituals in the late Neolithic and early Bronze ages. Several other smaller stone circles are also in this area.

Long Meg and Her Daughters

About: The first stone circle on our list is Long Meg and Her Daughters, a circle consisting of 59 stones that stretch out 340 feet, making it the third widest stone circle in the UK. Many believe that the circle had closer to 70 stones in the beginning.

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